CPE Jardin des Frimousses | Terrace

A brand-new terrace to play around safely

RenoAssistance recently completed a project for the Childcare Centre “Jardin des Frimousses” in the Lachine borough of Montreal. In order to better meet their needs, the Centre remodelled their outdoor terrace.

From the structure to the safety ramp, the renovation has made the new space safe and pleasing for the children and staff who use it every day. To guarantee the final product is durable and sustainable, the materials and design were chosen with care. Key materials include welded and perforated aluminum coated in baked-on paint. This prevents falls and ensures the safety of users and strollers during cold temperatures.

Finally, the use of light colours enables maintenance of the structure over time. More importantly, it brings a harmonious touch – favourable to children’s development. The terrace is covered by a stretched canvas in the same colours to create shade and protect the children from harmful UV rays.

The improvement of the premises, carried out by a Verified Contractor, greatly contributed to the stated mission of the childcare centre to offer quality educational services to its clientele.

In their new environment, the children will be able to continue being children, jumping around to their heart’s content!!

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