grey melamine cabinets in a newly renovated kitchen with ceramic tiles
small grey kitchen
modern grey kitchen
modern bathroom with grey vanity and shower bath
kitchen renovation with grey cabinets
open kitchen with grey cabinets
grey bathroom vanity
bathroom with shower
bathroom ideas with glass shower
small kitchen design in a new appartment
grey kitchen cabinets in a new appartment
kitchen design
bathroom design
built-in bath with white ceramic walls
appartment renovation
Cost (2019)$496,000
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Immo-Farnham Management | Building Conversion project

Cost (2019)

Beautiful apartments in a commercial building

Following the purchase of a new building, the owner of Immo-Farham Management, a real estate investor, contacted RenoAssistance with the goal of converting a floor of the commercial building into 5 apartment units.

Our client had of course already gotten approval from the city of Farnham to be able to do such a conversion. An architect then drew up plans in order to put the owner’s vision on paper, as well as maximize the given space. With plans in hand, the account manager was able to reach out to 360° Verified Contractors to get quotes for the project. Having all the same concrete criteria allowed for the fairest quotes from all.

Among the work done was demolition, construction of a wall on the main floor to separate the commercial and residential spaces, a new entrance, a concrete balcony with steel stairs, the rejuvenation of the building exterior, doors and windows, the installation of six new electrical panels, finishings and furnishings in the various apartments (kitchen, bathroom, flooring, etc.), and much more.

The contractor’s team retained the services of an interior designer for this project as well. The total cost of the renovation included the fees for the latter.

Each apartment is bright, modern and well divided. They will definitely be a big hit with future tenants!

Category: Commercial Renovation & Construction Examples

Style: Contemporary

City: Farnham

Project No: 65148

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