Kingsbury | Wooden Exterior Siding

Rejuvenating a 1940s building

This two-floor building was built in 1940 and was due for a refreshed look. It’s home to a used book store and coffee shop.

For this renovation project, our contractor had to replace the exterior siding of this little commercial building. The building’s old siding was in white aluminum, but the owners chose to change it for Maibec‘s Genuine Wooden Siding to give it a more homey, cozy feel. They also wanted to give the building a younger look to entice a greater clientele.

Our Verified Contractor had to remove the old aluminum siding before installing Tyvek paper on all four walls. This paper is essentially a membrane that helps prevent water infiltration and air from coming in, all while allowing condensation to make its way out of the building to prevent excess moisture and the structure from rotting. He then installed the new Maibec siding, the 4 inch moulding around the windows and doors, installed the soffit and fascia, properly sealed both skylights on the second floor, redid the caulking joints around the windows and doors, and installed the gutters.

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