Laferrière | Carport

Goodbye extreme weather conditions; hello new carport!

  • Category:Home Addition Ideas
  • City:Quebec
  • Year:2020
  • Style:N/A, N/A
  • Project No:74232
  • Cost:$25,085
    The price is informational and doesn't contain taxes

No more snow and freezing rain for the cars under this new, permanent carport!

The homeowner’s have made the decision to longer use traditional plastic car shelters that require assembly and disassembly every year. They chose to integrate a permanent carport that now extends their home’s existing roof.

This carport, built by a Verified Contractor, matches beautifully with the entire home. A small roof, along with metal handrails have also been added by the entrance to tie in the entire look.

To get this carport up, the contractor had to install piles, put up some CanExcel siding and some roofing, extend the roof at the back of the house, modify the back terrace and more!

This addition to their home is surely worth the investment and is likely increasing the home’s resale value!

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