A natural cosmetics store’s epic transformation

This shop’s transformation will leave you feeling fresh

Enter Liliblanc, a charming artisanal shop selling package-free self-care products with natural and sustainable ingredients. Having experienced a recent growth in business, the owners needed a larger commercial space with an in-house workshop to accommodate increased sales and traffic. They wanted Liliblanc’s interior to reflect their eco-friendly values. They also wanted patrons to be able to see the products being made and maybe even let them whip up their own creations!

Armed with a team of Verified Contractors and designers, this artisanal shop was ready for its much-needed upgrade. From the bright and welcoming design to the ergonomic floor plan, this store is sure to tantalize your senses. 

Before renovation

Before renovation of a commercial property with outdated decor and very little light

This building initially offered very little appeal with its gloomy interior and unfinished floors. Although the building had a lot of windows, the light didn’t seem to travel through the room evenly, making the space feel much smaller than it was. Everything was left open, and the lack of division made it feel disorganized. Thankfully, our Verified Contractors were ready to make this space work for its new owners.

After renovation

Liliblanc organic soap store renovation with white and wood accents
Liliblanc artisanal boutique counter in natural wood with logo in the back

Simple and fresh

To complement Liliblanc’s main attraction, the beautiful and natural hand-made products, the designers went for a simple and clean aesthetic with white walls and warm wood accents throughout. The walls reflect the sunlight entering from the windows, making the room appear larger and brighter. The touches of natural wood remind us of the sustainable theme of the brand. As you step into this store, you will immediately be met with a warm and welcoming feeling that follows you from the entrance to the counter.

Making the space work for you

The main goal of this project was to divide the space, creating clear boundaries for the boutique area, the office space, and the workshop station in the back. It gives the shop more direction and flow. The added work area also allows Liliblanc to make its products on site and even offer some DIY workshops for its customers! The new walls also don’t cut the room off from the rest of the space – just open the French doors and let the soothing fragrances lure clients in. 

Workshop area in the back of Liliblanc's artisanal boutique with cleaning station
Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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