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  • Category:Home Addition Ideas
  • City:Mississauga
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:86 056
  • Cost:$398,675
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Comfort and practicality all in one!

The Malik’s 1950’s bungalow was in need of a refresh. Many rooms got a complete makeover, including the living room, family room, kitchen, dining area, and office. That said, the biggest part of this project was adding 490 square feet to the foundation – it’s what made this transformation possible!

Of all the spaces, the kitchen is what ultimately takes center stage. The sleek white cabinets and island’s vertical wood grain all lead the eye to the main event: a gorgeous textured mosaic backsplash. Over in the living room, the sun shines in through floor-to-ceiling windows and the patio door. Extra storage, including integrated storage, was added for good measure, and the new open concept design makes the room feel both modern and inviting.

Our team of Verified Contractors was able to complete all the changes the family desired while transforming the previous aesthetic. Wooden accents, neutral colours, and brand-new pot lights add warmth to their new modern home. The renovations successfully revamped these rooms, and the Malik family couldn’t be happier!

Kitchen renovation with white cabinets and wooden island

A classic style with a mix of tones and textures

The square island in the center of this kitchen is like a chef’s dream come true. Not only does it give that extra bit of counter space needed to prep ingredients or make a snack, but it also serves as a place to add finishing touches to dishes before serving guests!

Beautiful decorations were scattered throughout the living room and dining room to add a bit of charm. Meanwhile, the different tones and textures of the amber wood, as well as the bright whites of the cabinets, chairs, and sofas, add class and comfort. Once you take it all in, you’ll never want to leave!


Host in style!

What’s a modern kitchen without a gorgeous dining room to match? Contemporary lighting fixtures were added to carry the ambience from room to room, and wooden accents really brought in that cozy feel. Having a view of both the kitchen and the living area, this space was perfectly curated for hosting friends and family. Also, the amount of space and storage the reconfiguration provided for each area is absolutely outstanding!

Over in the living room, guests can gather around a stylish built-in fireplace to relax or watch the latest shows on TV. They can also take some time to browse the large beautiful shelves on either side – they’re adorned with the family’s knickknacks and greenery for a personal touch!

Dining table in an open plan concept
Cozy office renovation with fireplace

Neutral tones for optimal focus

With the mental health benefits that come with neutral palettes and greenery, it’s no wonder the family continued the theme into the home office. Warm and cozy lighting as well as wood textures recreate the calming environment found outdoors, and the plants add pops of colour around the room. Throw in a fireplace and you’ve got the perfect stress-free work environment!

Renovation Advisor Debora Tricarico

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