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A contemporary office renovation

Simple yet sophisticated

Having newly acquired the building, our client had already secured plans from an architect and was ready to create a second location for her business. This commercial space would be shared with other professionals, so it needed to be functional and meet their needs. The renovation included the demolition of walls, floors tiles, and ceilings in both the basement and on the ground floor. Once the dust had settled, it was time to rebuild it from the ground up!

Before renovation

A dark and dingy reception area.

The original space was unwelcoming: the floors were outdated and the walls were gloomy. It definitely wasn’t appropriate for receiving clients or conducting business. This is where our Verified Contractors come in – they built a reception area, offices, several conference rooms, two bathrooms, and a staff room.

After renovation

reception area with black leather chairs, grey tiles, and white walls
An office reception with black leather chairs, white walls, grey tiled floors and a two toned reception desk .

Two-tone reception area

The new reception area had to be welcoming and leave a good first impression. The white walls freshen up the space and contrast the grey tiles beautifully, while the black leather chairs add comfort and professionalism. A two-toned reception desk ties it all together. These changes made the space feel larger and brighter, creating a lovely work environment.

A bright conference room

Much like the rest of the building, the conference room has minimalistic features. The space boasts a large wooden table and several comfortable leather chairs, providing ample, functional space for workers to conduct meetings.

Adding conference rooms was very important to the client as she needed both privacy and the ability to accommodate a large number of people in one room. Staff can also use it as a brainstorming or group work space!




A conference room with several black office chairs surrounding a large wooden table.
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