Sunny home addition project

  • Category:Home Addition Ideas
  • City:Laval
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:86597
  • Cost:$50,070
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One home addition, double the charm

With more time spent indoors, these homeowners realized that their home was a bit cramped – they needed more space to make it comfortable and functional. After mulling over the options, they realized that a home addition was the perfect solution! So, they called upon one of our Verified Contractors to get the job done.

For this project, the team built a 12 ft. by 14 ft. extension with a cathedral ceiling. The exterior featured new vinyl siding, large windows, a small balcony, and a terrace! In the end, this home addition was stylish and added much needed space to relax.

home extension with office and lots of natural light

Let there be light

The homeowners wanted to be able to separate their home life from their work life, so they had a bright and airy home addition built for them. The large windows bathe the room in natural light, making it feel cozy and welcoming. Two office desks with ergonomic chairs provide each of them with a designated work station. And, to add visual interest and depth, they opted for a green accent wall.

A terrace for relaxation

When building a home addition, the exterior finish needs to be considered. For this project, the homeowners wanted consistency, so they opted for a neutral vinyl that matched the rest of the house. They also added a back door to provide access to the small balcony and terrace. When the summer months roll in, they’ll have their own private sanctuary to enjoy the nice weather.

home extension exterior siding with access to terrace
Renovation Advisor Monika-Csukassy

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