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A new space that exceeds expectations

Our client, a leader in seamless payment solutions, contacted us to renovate their new office spaces. Having taken a look at both locations, our contractors and team realized that it wouldn’t be an easy project; the new space was water damaged as it wasn’t heated during our cold winter months. Their fire safety sprinkler system pipes burst when they froze and caused water damage to the floor and the bottom of the walls. When walking into the space, there was an intense odor and humidity levels were quite high.

The commercial general contractor on the job had a lot of work to do to ensure the air quality of the space came back to normal and was perfect for its future occupants. Given the nature of the business moving into the new space, it was of utmost importance that everything be rid of dust, mold, etc.. This would ensure that their operations run smoothly.

All remodeling/renovating was taken care of once the decontamination process was finished. The company was able to move into their new offices within two and a half months. The entirety of the work was done quickly and properly. The new occupants and the head office were pleased with the end result.

The space is of about 3,000 square feet. The new offices are now modern, functional, and well lit. There are three closed-off offices, four bathrooms, a large conference room and many meeting rooms, a main entrance with a receptionist’s desk, a cafeteria and a warehouse. Architectural glass walls were included in the overall layout to ensure daylight can make its way in, as well as positively impact the space’s aesthetic. Custom cabinetry and built-in modules were also included in the remodel, along with architectural lighting, and thoughtfully picked out accent pieces to complete the overall look.

The entire project would not have been a success if it wasn’t for the incredible team of contractors and subcontractors that worked alongside architects, engineers and the account manager assigned to this project.

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