Prelib Quebec

A sparkling new clinic

Bright and inviting

This brand-new unit located in Quebec was turned into a bright and inviting clinic for Prelib QC to finally welcome their patients. Starting with a clean slate, the company had the freedom to design their dream workspace and a place where patients would feel comfortable. 

A team of Verified Contractors was able to turn this empty concrete unit into a modern sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections (STBBIs) self-screening centre open to everyone. An intimate seating area, a tidy break room, organized examination rooms… Prelib has it all!

Before renovation

Before photo of clinic renovation

Barren concrete walls, an unfinished ceiling, and electrical wires strewn across the room… this huge empty space needed a lot of work. The contractors had to start from scratch to create each area during the clinic renovation. Once the new ceilings, floor tiles, and walls were set into place, the clinic began to take form.

Being the first STBBI screening centre in Canada, the Prelib clinic needed state-of-the-art tablets for most rooms so that clients could easily use the self-screening platform. Not only does this give the space a high-tech futuristic feel, but it allows anyone to come in and feel confident about the quality of their medical care. Last but not least, sleek bathrooms were paired with innovative technology to match the rest of the clinic experience.

After renovation

After photo of clinic renovation
Bright desk office with examination table

Accessibility to provide comfort

The company truly wanted to create an accessible environment where anyone using their services would feel comfortable and reassured. To create the perfect atmosphere, the walls were painted bright white and soft lights were installed. Greenery and abstract decor tie in the rest of the aesthetic. Once the final details were in place, this refreshing sanitary clinic with an experimental twist was able to cater to all patients’ needs!

Innovative technology

Conventional clinics often feel uncomfortable. Prelib wanted to move away from this by creating a space where clients could feel at ease, even in the bathroom! Smooth grey tiles line the floor and a large mirror bounces the light around, making the room feel spacious. Grab bars were added to help those with mobility issues, as well. If you’re new to the process of collecting samples, don’t worry! Those needing a bit more guidance can watch instructional videos on the tablet provided.

Bathroom with high tech tablet
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