A pharmacy renovation to meet client needs

Making the pharmacy work for everyone

A pharmacy is an essential resource for many – it’s where people go to get prescriptions filled, chat about medications and possible interactions, and learn how to improve their health and wellbeing. This Proxim pharmacy decided to build an office space for client consultations, giving folks a dedicated space to discuss health concerns with staff.

A team of Verified Contractors came in to tackle this commercial renovation. They added a few walls to create an enclosed office space, with enough room to seat both clients and staff comfortably. It was also important to make it feel warm and welcoming, so large windows were added to brighten up the room. All in all, this new space now gives Proxim’s clients the privacy and peace of mind they deserve!

private pharmacy office for consultations with cleaning station

Carving out a new space

For this project, the business owner wanted to add an enclosed office space to the pharmacy’s existing floor plan. To do this, the Verified Contractors mapped out a dedicated area for the new room and got to work. This office would serve as a private consultation room for pharmacists and clients, so having a bright and comfortable space was necessary. There also needed to be room for an examination table, a desk with comfortable chairs, and a handwashing station. Once equipped with all the necessary amenities, this pharmacy was ready to meet its clients’ needs.

Privacy is key

Since this new space was designed with client privacy in mind, the Verified Contractors soundproofed the walls to ensure that no one could overhear the conversations taking place. Privacy screens were also added to the windows, ensuring that passersby couldn’t see or recognize anyone in the room. Now Proxim’s clients can feel comfortable knowing they can consult their pharmacists without anyone eavesdropping or peeking in the room.

renovated private office with consultation area and large windows
Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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