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commercial kitchen design in a retirement home
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commercial kitchen remodel with wooden cabinets in a retirement home
Cost (2019)$244,723
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Résidence Florentine-Dansereau | Industrial Kitchen project

Cost (2019)

A nursing home with a brand new kitchen and dining room

Located in a 1960s building, this not-for-profit nursing home welcomes an autonomous, semi-autonomous clientele as well as those in need of assisted living. To ensure they can still provide a great and effective service to their clients, they needed to revamp their kitchen and dining room. 

To better serve this particular client, our account manager took care of launching a private call for tenders and visited the worksite with them along with three 360° Verified Commercial Contractors. A contractor known by the client was also present on the worksite. 

The contractors were given a deadline to provide their quotes, allowing the client to quickly choose which was best suited for the task at hand and followed the Big Forms provided by the architect.

Once the contracting company was chosen, the commercial general contractor began working on the layout of the new kitchen – located in a space that was previously a chapel. The renovation was done on time and according to the architectural and mechanical plans – something the administration was incredibly grateful for. The work required some electrical work, plumbing, installing equipment supplied by the client, finishing, ensuring proper functioning of fridges and freezers, and much more. Ensuring the fire safety system was functional and up to safety standards was also part of the contractor’s mandate. 

Everything was well thought out. Each element has its place and the home’s needs are met. The chef is truly in love with his new work place and the residents love their new functional dining room. 

Category: Commercial Renovation & Construction Examples

City: Verchères

Project No: 65883

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