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A dental clinic takes on a dazzling new design

A hypermodern dental clinic that doesn’t make you grind your teeth!

In 2016, when purchasing this 3-storey multipurpose building, the owner wanted to invest long term in both the residential and the commercial spaces on the ground floor. He contacted one of our commercial account managers to pursue a turnkey project and to find someone to manage the building site. The building needed a lot of work: the flat roof needed repairs, the masonry needed an overhaul, and the entire interior needed to be renovated.  

The client wanted to offer their employees and patients a healthy environment in which they felt comfortable. Needless to say, this mission was accomplished for Rosemont Dental Clinic. 

Before renovation

before photo of a old dental treatment room

Built in 1949, this post-war edifice is located in Montreal and faces the Botanical Garden. Having not been maintained for decades, the building showed many signs of wear and tear that needed to be addressed quickly, from the roof to the foundation. 

First, waterproofing and French drain  work were carried out so that the clinic’s lab and basement offices would be viable. Beyond the more technical aspects of these renovations, the medical facility looked like it was trapped in the 1980s. It was begging to be modernized! Gone were the boring cupboards, the yellow paint on the faded walls, and the simplistic décor. 

After renovation

Treatment room in a newly renovated dental clinic with wood floors, white walls and black cabinets
A contemporary style dental reception area, with white marble floors and black walls, and a wooden reception desk at the center

An authentic character elegantly modernized

It would’ve been a shame to lose the building’s authentic charm amidst all that modernity. To balance the two, certain heritage elements were very cleverly highlighted. For example, the brick wall was preserved and repainted in a lovely matte black that contrasts the clean lines chosen for the cabinets and countertops. 

In the hallway, simple moldings accentuate both the cabinets and the hypermodern suspended ceiling. The timelessness of black and white is juxtaposed with the warmth of the hardwood floors in the hallway and treatment rooms, as well as the wooden reception desks, giving the space more depth. These details create truly classic and memorable modern look! 


Functional boldness at the cutting edge

The complete renovation of the dental clinic was not only a nice surprise for the clients, but also for the members of the medical team. They now had a workplace to be proud of! The clinic keeps up with the latest trends in dentistry, so the space had to keep up with the latest designs to match. Modernism, aesthetics, and organization are all at the forefront of this project.  

All the storage units were custom-made and designed from a functional and aesthetic point of view, as were the glass doors. The lighting was meticulously placed to provide the best possible user experience. The clinic is beautiful, clean, and crisp – just how we like it! 


Newly renovated dental clinic treatment room, with black and white cabinets
Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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