Classic Basement Remodel

  • Category:Basement Ideas
  • City:Repentigny
  • Year:2022
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:96 628
  • Cost:$90,315
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Spacious basement

Basements are often neglected in the home. Whether you’re dealing with concrete walls and foundation slabs or uninspiring décor, chances are that you don’t really want to spend time down there. This is also what the Rouiller family was dealing with – they knew something had to change.

So, they hired one of our Verified Contractors for their basement remodel. With so much room to work with, they were able to create several practical and stylish spaces. From the TV lounge and home gym to the extra rooms and the bathroom, each area now had a clear purpose.

Basement remodel with home gym

Infinite space

This basement remodel started with a bang: 800 sq.ft. was demolished to make space for all the new rooms! The drywall went up and then the ceilings were soundproofed to block off noise from the rest of the home.

Like with most basements, little to no natural light entered the rooms. This means that lighting choice was really important – it’s the only thing that can prevent the space from feeling dark and cramped. The Rouiller family went with pot lights and chose bright white paint and soft oak floors for good measure. Bonus: The square panels on the ceiling add some much-needed depth and texture.

The main living area features a lounge with a TV and a home gym that holds all of the family’s exercise equipment! As you walk down the hallway, there are two rooms and a bathroom. The first room was used as a home office and had enough space for two desks and even a closet for storage! The other will serve as a guest room for visitors; it’s in an ideal location that provides guests with some privacy.

Perfect addition

The last piece of this successful basement remodel was the full bathroom. Featuring a sleek tub shower, taupe marble tiles, and a dark oak vanity, this simple yet stylish bathroom is the perfect addition. This is only one floor of this home, but the design makes it feel gigantic! It’s safe to say that our Verified Contractors effectively delivered the clients’ wishes with their practical design.


Tub shower with taupe marble tiles in basement bathroom
Monika Csukassy, Renovation advisor at RenoAssistance

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