Roche Bobois

High-end store renovation in Montreal

The beginnings of an ambitious project

If you’re looking for high-end furniture, few stores fit the bill like Roche Bobois. Not only is this French company considered a pioneer in the industry, but it’s also been designing and selling luxury products for over 60 years. It’s renowned for its French art de vivre. It also has 333 stores across 54 countries!

So, when it came time to refresh its shop in downtown Montreal, Roche Bobois reached out to RenoAssistance for help. From there, Commercial Account Manager Eric Cameron worked with the company’s team in Paris. They then found the best Verified Contractors for the job. Watch as the team transforms this 9,000 sq.ft. space into a stunning storefront!

During renovation

Refit work in a store, massive brown metal beams, dusty concrete floor with orange cones, boxes and various building materials, wall with large, plastered windows and another with large orange canvas, black metal ceiling.

Located in the heart of Montreal, this Roche Bobois shop is at the centre of everything. It’s bright, spacious, and hard to miss when passing by! While the location was perfect, the interior needed a facelift to match the company’s new brand image. To start, they needed to demolish, move, and rebuild the 1,800 sq.ft. mezzanine.

“It was a major challenge since we had to adapt the plans and specifications drawn up by the designers at the Paris head office,” explains Eric Cameron. “The verification, preparation, and contractor selection stages were phased over almost a year before work began.”

Eric worked closely with the store’s operations manager. They fast-tracked the project to avoid significant revenue loss for the store and hired the specialists and tradespeople needed for the job. The team not only updated the store’s layout but also its architectural features and style.

After renovation

Large colourful furniture shop with very high black and silver ceiling, recessed lighting, large windows to the right, mezzanine to the left with a glass balustrade, central column of wooden screen wall juxtaposed with a plant wall.
Large floor-to-ceiling wood panelling in a high-end furniture store

When architectural details get an upgrade

Inside, the mezzanine is the focal point – it was designed on site by a cabinetmaker. While it was beautiful, it was challenging to build since the large wood panels were hard to transport and install. However, it was worth it. Pairing them with large glass panels allowed natural light to flood the store.

Interestingly, this store renovation included a photometric analysis. By measuring the light intensity, the team was able to plan the lighting layout. So, when you enter Roche Bobois Montreal, you can see every detail shine.

Design for living

The client chose very trendy décor for this project. Natural materials like wood and glass were used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Together, they embody the company’s bold yet functional style: design for living.

Moreover, customers can be confident that they’re investing in sustainable furniture. The company is always looking for ways to reduce its environmental impact. It’s also mindful of the materials it uses and where they are sourced.

A bright furniture showroom featuring a styled bedroom with orange bed and wood desk
Roche Bobois Montreal storefront with large windows and red border

Celebrating 60 years!

RenoAssistance Commercial is proud to have been chosen for this renovation project. After all, Roche Bobois is the Louis Vuitton of furniture. It deserves a high-end store that celebrates innovation, design, and European aesthetics!

The new storefront now offers an amazing customer experience. The design elements both bring out the boutique’s full potential and highlight the unique products on offer.


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