Tabletop | Board game store remodel

A board game space for all

For this renovation project, contractors needed to re-work the layout of a business premises. The space is located in the middle of a one floor commercial building and is approximately 900 sq.ft.. Tabletop’s owners wanted their space to be inviting and exciting – allowing customers to discover new board games and have a great time. They also offer coffee, gourmet chocolates, as well as cookies and other goodies.

The renovation consisted of putting together a service counter with a glassed display, tables and chairs, as well as library-style shelving to store all the board games. They opted for neutral tones for the entire room: flooring, walls and most furniture pieces for a timeless look. However, to add a little more fun to the room’s decor, they painted one of the walls in orange.

Tabletop’s renovation was completed by a Verified Contractor. He had to tear down walls, remove the floor’s tiles, patch the ceiling, relocate some airways, install new gypsum and plaster the walls. He also got an electrician to make any electrical change. However, lighting remained the same. Carpentry, paining, and much more were also involved to complete this space’s look and layout. As for the existing bathroom, some changes were made in regard to plumbing to allow for better water flow. Furnishing for the entire space was custom made to properly fulfill different needs.

Tabletop is a great place for board game lovers to get discover some new games!

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