wall bed guest room
guest room wall bed
wall bed guest room
Cost (2015)$8,513
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Thibeault | Guest Bedroom with Murphy Bed project

Cost (2015)

Bedroom renovation (Murphy bed)

After renovating their kitchen, bathroom, washroom and basement with RenoAssistance 360° Verified Contractors, the Thibeault family this time wanted to optimize the space of their small guest room (about 10′ x 11′) by redesigning it to include a small office area.

They have opted for the design and installation of a custom-made white lacquered wooden ‘Murphy bed’ which is an excellent solution to regularly enjoy a room that was previously used only occasionally.

Built-in recessed units have been added to the cabinet for added aesthetics and brightness, storage spaces with asymmetrical shelves have been added for practicality and a huge square mirror (which unfortunately cannot be seen in these pictures) was installed on the wall opposing the retractable bed, also sometimes called a foldaway bed or wall bed, to create an element of grandeur in the room.

Category: Others

Style: Contemporary

City: Laval

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