Gonzalez | 4-season Veranda

Light and warmth are at the heart of this new veranda

  • Category:Home Addition Ideas
  • City:Montréal
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:79 011
  • Cost:$59,000
    The price is informational and doesn't contain taxes

It’s truly an all-purpose space that integrates the comforts of daily living! 

The client wanted to open their kitchen and add a dining room by extending the back of their house. The construction was done on posts, and large windows were added to bring in natural light. 

Some demolition was required before the framework could be built to include PVC doors and windows. A support beam also had to be installed to offset any weight-bearing issues.  

The finishing and flooring were carefully selected to create a sense of harmony between the existing section of the house and the new addition. To ensure comfort, a heated floor and an air conditioner were installed. 

This veranda layout is very popular. The extension increases the square footage of your property, resulting in considerable added value. It also brings you closer to the outdoors and provides an ideal spot to relax and enjoy all year round. 

We can confidently say that our Verified Contractor’s work was a success! 


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