A magnificent multiple renovation project!

Sweet escape at home!

This Montreal home has been through quite the transformation this past year! The owners, the Wisemans, completed a multiple renovation project comprising three rooms. Not only did they want to redesign the kitchen to make it more modern and functional, but they also wanted to upgrade both the guest bathroom and ensuite. So, they hired one of our Verified Contractors to complete their kitchen and bathroom renos.

Renovated kitchen with white quartz center island, dark grey cabinets, and pendant lighting

A super stylish kitchen!

For this multiple renovation project, a lot of time was spent in the kitchen upgrading features. It’s hard to miss the stunning pieces the Wisemans picked out.

The island takes centre stage with its dark grey finish and white quartz countertop. Tucked away in a corner sits a large dark floor-to-ceiling cabinet. Of course, it balances the white upper and lower cabinets beautifully and matches the veined quartz. And then there’s the backsplash with its stunning ivory hexalungo tiles, which adds shape and texture to the room!

A custom cut

One of the highlights of this kitchen is the glass insert in the kitchen island countertop! Who would have thought that was possible? This unique feature allows the owners to show off their beautiful kitchen knife collection. This gorgeous avant-garde idea adds a touch of fantasy to this transformation.

Of course, another nice way to add functionality to the kitchen island is to include wine bottle storage. Not only does it maximize under-counter storage space, but it’s also a great feature when hosting friends!

Central kitchen island with glass insert in white quartz countertop, built-in wine storage, and dark grey cabinets
Trendy electric fireplace with flame covered with dark grey square slate tiles

Modern and environmentally friendly heating

One of the best ways to incorporate style and functionality into the décor is to add an electric fireplace. Not only can it heat the main room of a home in an environmentally friendly way, but it also serves as a centrepiece. The flames create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere while the large black slate tiles give it a chic touch. It’s a trendy feature worth considering!

Luxurious and elegant bathrooms

Next up in this multiple renovation project is the guest bathroom. Some great textures are once again present in the décor.

First there’s the greige zellige tile vanity backsplash paired with a granite countertop. It’s the perfect combination – it exudes style and modernism. Furthermore, the large floating vanity and the glazed porcelain tiles on the floor add luxury and natural elegance to the room. The dark floor was a good call, as it balances the white cabinetry.

Renovated bathroom with floating vanity, white quartz countertop, grey tile backsplash, and dark ceramic floor
Renovated bathtub/shower combination with silver faucets, grey veined ceramic walls, and glass panel in a multiple renovation project

Guests are very welcome!

Guests staying at the Wiseman home will be more than happy to take a shower in this ultra-modern bathtub/shower combination! If the matte grey ceramic wall tiles don’t win you over, then the marbled finish definitely will. They also ditched the shower curtains and opted for a large glass panel – a glamorous touch!

A special mention also goes out to the greige zellige tiles in the bathtub-shower niche. They’re the same ones found on the vanity backsplash, and this small detail creates continuity in the décor! Finally, the owners opted for a silver faucet with a track, as well as a rain head and a hand shower, allowing users to pick their preference when bathing.

Just like at a hotel

Finally, the cherry on top of this multiple renovation project is the new bathroom next to the main bedroom. Just like the rest of the house, it exudes charm and luxury! The beautiful Italian shower covered with beige ceramic tiles plunges us into a décor worthy of the greatest hotels. It’s a true at-home getaway!

In addition, the double niche features a stunning tiled herringbone pattern. The dark slate hues used to cover this section of the shower are ultra trendy in bathrooms this year! Finally, the chrome hardware adds a clean look to the entire installation.

Renovated walk-in shower with white marbled ceramic tiles, silver showerhead, and faucets
Renovation Advisor Debora Tricarico

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