balcony remodel on a brick building of coop habitations
close up of a wooden renovated balcony
coop ludovica with brand new wood balcony
red bricks building with brand new balconies
side view of a brick coop building with new wooden balcony
side view of a habitations building with new wood balcony
wood balcony of a coop in quebec city
Cost (2020)$30,593
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Coopérative Ludovica | Wooden Balconies project

Cost (2020)

Balconies that blend perfectly with the building

This renovation project consisted of completely redoing eight balconies, along with the back of this 32-unit cooperative’s garage built in 1950.

Wood was chosen as the primary material used for this project. Goodfellow Nobelia 5 x 6 for the base of the balconies and white pinewood for the top. As for the fascia, an opaque stain was applied. These new balconies mesh nicely with the building’s overall look, all whilst making it look modern!

The chosen 360° Verified Contractor had to remove all elements pertaining to the old balconies in order to reinstall the new ones. They also reinstalled the metal railings that were used on the original balconies. This same contractor also replaced the siding at the back of the cooperative’s garage.

The building’s owners love the turnout and are sure to enjoy the newly renovated balconies for years to come!

Category: Deck Ideas

City: Québec

Project No: 62525

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