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To retain our independence and stay in our homes longer, despite reduced mobility or health problems, adapting our home to make our lives easier may be the only solution.
If you must adapt your own home to make it fit for yourself or a family member, you seriously need a residential adaptation expert to help you answer these key questions — before you make any changes:

  • Do you need to rethink every bedroom in your home?
  • Do you need to remodel your kitchen or bathrooms?
  • Do you need to make the frames of your doors larger?
  • Do you need to rethink the access to your home?

Adapt your home with a contractor who knows the ins and outs of residential adaptation

We know the best in the trade.

You need to talk to a qualified residential adaptation contractor who can fully understand your situation, properly assess your living space and determine your specific needs.

That’s where Reno-Assistance comes in. We can refer the right residential adaptation experts to you — and not just any experts. We have a network of contractors with our 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval, so you know they are the best for your job — and they have the satisfied clients to prove it.

We will find the right residential adaptation experts, including architects and specialized contractors, to professionally assess your home and identify what must be done for you or a loved one to live independently with total peace of mind and safety.

The top-notch experts we refer will provide you with technically and architecturally solid solutions, addressing every aspect of your accessibility and comfort at home.

Let our Renovation Advisors provide you with special access…to one of our proven experts.

It's free, so you have nothing to lose and your independence to gain. 

From expert advice to a major residential adaptation project, you'll have your very own Renovation Advisor to help you.

As soon as you contact Reno-Assistance, one of our Renovation Advisors, who has worked on thousands of projects, will review your situation with you to accurately determine your needs.

Next, your advisor will send up to three of our best architects and/or contractors in residential adaptation to quote on your job. Then, your advisor will review their quotes with you, helping you select the right experts for your job.

Get up to three quotes and start making your life easier today.

From your first contact with Reno-Assistance to the end of your job, our service is free. So go ahead and fill out the form to the right to get up to three residential adaptation quotes for your home. They're free too — and there’s no obligation to work with our experts, even after they’ve quoted. Get started today!

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