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About RenoAssistance

How are you responding to COVID-19?

As a business, it’s our responsibility to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. We are committed to following all public health guidelines as the situation evolves. Our top priority is your health and the health of our contractors and employees. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why should I use RenoAssistance instead of my own suppliers/contractors?

First, you’ll save time because you won’t have to contact several different contractors to get your quotes. You make one call and you’ll receive up to 3 quotes from 53-point Verified Contractors for your project.
Our Renovation Advisors will schedule appointments at your convenience. They’ll send you a Verification Report on your selected contractors, so you’ll get to know your contractors before starting your project. And, because we survey our clients at the completion of each project, our contractors are expected to deliver exceptional service so they can be recommended for future projects with us.

What is the Renovation Guarantee?

This is an additional no-cost Renovation Guarantee offered when you use a Verified Contractor. It’s available upon request and coverage is limited to specific conditions. You can find out more about this coverage on our Renovation Guarantee page.

What types of projects can I bring to RenoAssistance?

RenoAssistance can refer you to contractors for major residential and commercial renovation and construction projects. You can view some of our completed projects on our website.

What is the difference between your service and other online renovation services?

Other renovation referral sites usually charge for subscriptions or advertising, which means that any registered contractor, regardless of their specialty or experience, can be referred to a prospective client. RenoAssistance doesn’t sell subscriptions or advertising. What we do is carefully and objectively evaluate every single contractor’s expertise and customer satisfaction track record.
Every contractor that we recommend has successfully completed our 53-point Verification Process. This is the most comprehensive industry process and involves checking licences, judicial history, customer satisfaction, and 50 other points! Contractors are also continuously monitored to ensure that they meet our standards.
We are the only company that provides Renovation Advisors who work with you throughout your renovation project with no fees.

Which regions are served by RenoAssistance?

We currently serve Greater Montreal, Quebec City, and the Greater Toronto Area.

How do you decide which contractors will work on my project?

Our Renovation Advisorss use their expertise and our PerfectMatch™ system to find you the perfect contractor or professional for your renovation project. Our services are fully personalized, based on your specific needs and requirements.

How is this service with no fees?

Our service is wihout fees for our customers. Our administrative fees are absorbed by contractors who get more business through us than by spending their marketing dollars — sometimes ineffectively — on advertising.

How can I be sure I won’t pay more than if I called a contractor directly?

The contractors that we send to you know that you won’t choose them if they aren’t competitive. Our tradespeople offer the best renovation quality-price ratio on the market. Plus, you enjoy many more benefits with the advice and referral services of our specialized Renovation Advisors.

Will you help me review my quotes?

Yes, your Renovation Advisors will help you review your quotes, so you can make an informed decision.

Does RenoAssistance supervise the work site?

No. However, for major projects, we can refer you to qualified professionals, such as architects and architectural technicians, to help you coordinate and supervise your project.
At RenoAssistance, our mission is to help you find the best contractors, to arrange appointments and secure bids, and to manage your relationship with your selected contractor for the duration of the project.

Does RenoAssistance do an on-site follow-up?

No. For larger projects, we can refer you to a qualified professional, such as an architect, a technologist or a project manager, who can act as your on-site coordinator and supervisor. RenoAssistance’s mission is to help you identify the best contractors for your specific project, arrange meetings for you and get you PerfectMatch Quotes™. We also can help you throughout your project when it comes to your relationship with your contractor.

What types of renovations do you do?

Our contractors handle both residential and commercial interior and exterior renovation projects. We don’t do minor repairs. For example, we renovate entire kitchens rather than simply install fixtures or flooring.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

We advise you to first speak to your contractor as soon as possible to give him the opportunity to correct the situation. This often resolves the matter because our contractors like to make sure they get positive feedback at the end of the project (otherwise we won’t refer them to another customer). You should also inform your Renovation Advisor. If you can’t reach an understanding, we’ll help you by contacting the contractor to try to find a solution. If you and your contractor are at a stalemate, we will set up an informal dispute process that can help find a satisfactory solution without any legal action.

RenoAssistance and Desjardins

Why RenoAssistance by Desjardins?

In January 2020, Desjardins acquired a majority stake in RenoAssistance. While this will allow us to continue to improve our services in the future, our current services remain the same.

As a Desjardins member, do I get more benefits if I use RenoAssistance?

Our service remains the same for everyone.

Will Desjardins be contacting me to offer their services?

No. RenoAssistance and Desjardins are two separate entities and there is no data sharing between them unless the customer consents.

Do I need a Desjardins account to work with RenoAssistance?

No. RenoAssistance offers its services to the general public and to all contractors, with or without a Desjardins account.

Do I have to go through Desjardins if I need financing?

No, you can use any financial institution you prefer! However, if you’d like to get financing through Desjardins, we can put you in contact with one of their financial advisors.


Do I have to pay for your services?

No. RenoAssistance’s services – appraising your project, processing your file, sending quotes and Verification Reports, making appointments, and assisting you throughout your project – are all no fees and no of obligation.

How can this service possibly be no fee?

Our service is without fees to our clients. Our administrative costs are absorbed by the contractors, who attract more business through us than they would by using their marketing budget – sometimes without results – on advertising.

Will I have to pay more than if I called a contractor myself?

No. Our contractors are aware of the competition, and they won’t be contacted unless they offer a competitive price. We select our contractors because they deliver the most cost-effective services on the market. On top of that, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits along with expert guidance from one of our experienced Renovation Advisors.

How It Works

How do I submit a project to RenoAssistance?

You can reach us via our website or by phone at 1 877 736 6360. You’ll discuss your project with a Renovation Advisor, and they’ll recommend the best contractors for you.

How do you match contractors with clients?

We use our PerfectMatch™ system and the expertise of our highly trained Renovation Advisors to select the best contractors or professionals for your project.

How can I get more information about the contractors you recommend?

We’ll send you each contractor’s Verification Report, which outlines their customer satisfaction score, expertise, reliability rating, and more.

How many quotes will I receive for my project?

Our Renovation Advisors will deliver up to 3 quotes from Verified Contractors for your project. You can then compare them and decide which one you prefer.

Will my Advisor help me evaluate my bids?

Your Renovation Advisor is more than happy to help you understand and compare quotes so that you can make an informed decision. After all, the lowest price at the bottom of the page isn’t always the right price for you.

What happens when the project is complete?

We always follow up at the completion of each renovation project to ensure that you’re satisfied with the work and with the contractor’s work.

What if I have different renovations to do?

Your Advisor will determine your needs for different renovations and will recommend up to 3 Verified Contractors for each of your projects. They can also refer you to any other professional you may need for your project, such as an architect, architectural technologist, structural engineer, or interior designer.

What does a Renovation Advisor do?

When you contact us, we will match you with a Renovation Advisor. They’ll analyze your needs, find the best contractors for your project, and deliver up to three quotes. They can also help you compare your quotes, arrange appointments with the contractor at your convenience, and support you throughout your project.

Who do I pay for the work?

Payments for work are made directly to the contractor.

Will the quotes be affordable?

When you discuss your project with your Renovation Advisor, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your budget. They’ll also help you understand the budget options available to you, as prices can vary considerably based on the size of the project, materials used, etc.

About Our Contractors

How do you choose the contractors in your network?

Our dedicated team conducts thorough screenings of each contractor. We only work with and refer those that meet (and continue to meet) the requirements of our 53-point Verification Process, the most comprehensive verification process in the industry.

What is the 53-point Verification Process?

RenoAssistance has a unique verification process – the 53-point Verification Process – to ensure that the contractors we refer to you are experienced and trustworthy. We check qualifications, insurance, criminal records, previous client references, license validity, and more.
Our approval process is authentic, comprehensive, and central to our mission. Your contractor’s Verification Report will be delivered to you before your appointment.

Can I see examples of projects done by my recommended contractor?

Once you have been referred to the contractor, you can ask them to show you photos of projects they have completed.

I Am a Contractor

Can I join your network of contractors?

RenoAssistance is always looking for talented general and specialized contractors to help us serve a growing number of clients.
You can register without any membership or annual fees by filling out our formor calling us at 1 877 RENO 360.

What are the benefits of being a Verified Contractor with RenoAssistance?

RenoAssistance helps you save time and money by connecting you with customers who need your specific services. Spending your budget on advertising doesn’t always lead to contracts, but RenoAssistance connects you with serious clients who are ready to start renovating.
Our Renovation Advisorscan also help reduce your administrative burdens by booking appointments with clients at your convenience.
We only refer projects that we know you’ll be interested in and passionate about.

Is there a membership fee for RenoAssistance?

There is no membership fee or annual fee to register your company.

When do I pay for RenoAssistance’s services?

You only pay when you are assigned to a project. A percentage of the project is paid to RenoAssistance to cover our services.

How do you match us to a project?

When contractors join RenoAssistance, the Contractor Account Managers will set up a contractor profile, identify the preferred project types, and verify if they match the contractor’s licences. Contractors will be invited to submit bids on projects that line up with their skills and interests.

How do I know if I should bid on a project?

We’ll email you when we have a project that fits your skills and interests. You can also log in to the Contractor Portal and view all the invitations in the dedicated section.

Will all contracts be in my region?

We welcome you to bid on projects that are either in or near your area. We may occasionally refer you to projects that interest you but are a little further away.

How many contractors submit bids on a project?

Up to 3 Verified Contractors can bid on each project.

How many projects can I bid on?

You can apply for as many projects as you like! While we invite you to bid on projects that match your specialities, you’re free to choose which ones you actually bid on.