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What measures are being taken concerning the COVID-19 outbreak?

As a business, we have a responsibility to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our employees are now all working remotely from home, and all appointments are to made by phone. Your health, that of our contractors and our employees is our top priority. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

How is this service FREE?

Our service is free for our customers. Our administrative fees are absorbed by contractors who get more business through us than by spending their marketing dollars — sometimes ineffectively — on advertising.

How can I be sure I won’t pay more than if I called a contractor directly?

The contractors that we send to you know that you won’t choose them if they aren’t competitive. Our tradespeople offer the best renovation quality-price ratio on the market. Plus, you enjoy many more benefits with the advice and referral services of our specialized Renovation Advisors.

How do I benefit more from RenoAssistance than by calling contractors/suppliers myself?

First, you save time and money with us because you won’t have to call and screen 15 contractors to get what you need. You only have one call to make to receive up to three PerfectMatch™ Quotes from 360° Verified Contractors for your project. Your Renovation Advisor will even schedule your appointments with them and send you a report, so you get to know them beforehand. Plus, because we get feedback from our customers at the end of each project, our contractors are motivated to satisfy them, ensuring they will be referred by us again.

Will you help me review my quotes?

Yes, your Renovation Advisor will help you review your quotes, so you can make an informed decision.

How do you select contractors for your network?

We have a dedicated team that screens every contractor before we refer them to people like you. Only the very best get our 360° Verified Contractor stamp of approval and are referred to our customers — and this is only after we have verified their legal existence, expertise, warranties, guarantees, licences, customer references, credit report and solvency, and verified court records. Unlike many “certified contractor” marketing shams, our 360° Verified Contractor approval process is pivotal to our mission, which is to protect you as much as possible. We are so proud of our 360° Verified Contractors that we give you a Verification Report each time we confirm an appointment for you, so you will always know who will be knocking on your door or calling you in advance.

How do you select contractors for my project?

Our Renovation Advisors have thousands of projects under their belts. With our PerfectMatch™ tool and their experience, they select the best contractors or tradespeople for you and your project, only after assessing your needs and priorities. We offer a highly personalized service, so you only get to meet with contractors who are a perfect match for your project.

Does RenoAssistance do an on-site follow-up?

No. For larger projects, we can refer you to a qualified professional, such as an architect, a technologist or a project manager, who can act as your on-site coordinator and supervisor. RenoAssistance’s mission is to help you identify the best contractors for your specific project, arrange meetings for you and get you PerfectMatch Quotes™. We also can help you throughout your project when it comes to your relationship with your contractor.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

We advise you to first speak to your contractor as soon as possible to give him the opportunity to correct the situation. This often resolves the matter because our contractors like to make sure they get positive feedback at the end of the project (otherwise we won’t refer them to another customer). You should also inform your Renovation Advisor. If you can’t reach an understanding, we’ll help you by contacting the contractor to try to find a solution. If you and your contractor are at a stalemate, we will set up an informal dispute process that can help find a satisfactory solution without any legal action.

What is the difference between your service and other renovation referral services online?

Other renovation referral websites usually sell subscriptions or advertising to contractors, virtually ensuring that the contractors who subscribe or advertise get referred, regardless of their skills and experience. RenoAssistance does not sell subscriptions or advertising to contractors. We objectively choose contractors based on their credentials – a service that’s free for you. Only the best make our cut.

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Our Verified Contractors specialize in turnkey renovations and major repairs over $4,000. If your project meets these criteria, I would love to help.

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