Engineer your building project for success with Reno-Assistance

If you’re looking for a building expert or engineer before starting your work or to solve a problem, stop your search. We’ve already found the very best building engineering professional and building expert for the work you have in mind, including these projects:

  • Modify the structure of your building (from removing a bearing wall and enlarging a window opening to calculating de charge for a roof terrace or a green roof)
  • Enlarge your home or office building
  • Alter your home or office building
  • Assess the condition of your structure (foundations, beams, columns, bearing walls, partition walls, structural slabs, roofing, siding and framing)
  • Detect a water infiltration source
  • Conduct pre-sale and/or buying inspections
  • Detect and handle iron ocher problems that can seriously affect your foundation
  • Check the insulation of the roof and walls to uncover heat losses
  • Find the source of air infiltration
  • Find the source of air quality problems in your home
  • Check the condition of your electrical system and wiring (connections, overloads, phase imbalance and faulty contacts)
  • Assess the condition of the plumbing, heating and ventilation systems
  • Measure your foundation’s differential levels to determine if it requires slope-stabilizing piles (very useful in the case of a home expansion project)

The advice of a building expert or a building engineer — regardless of your project —can save you time and money allowing you to do the right work from the start. And we have the right professionals to do the job.

A professional building expert, like the experts referred by Reno-Assistance, can assess the feasibility and implications of your project before you do anything, identifying the renovation or construction work you need to do, planning how it should be done, proposing solutions and determining your costs.

Call on us to help you build a solid relationship with the right expert...for FREE

The best building experts will walk you through your options, explaining the pros and cons of each one. They have the experience to point out the key decisions that have to be made by you and the know-how to get your building or home project off the ground the right way.

We only refer — free of charge — the best building experts. That's because we have a network of professional building experts who have our stamp of approval, so you know that they are the best for your job — and have the satisfied clients to prove it.


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Here’s how we work: when you fill out the free quote form to the right, one of our Expert Renovation Advisors will call you and review your project to understand your needs. Then, we’ll set appointments with experts who will discuss your project and give you a price range of the work they will have to make.

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