5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Home Addition

Planning a home addition project can be quite a challenge. Whether you’re planning on adding a second storey, a lateral extension, a bump out, adding a garage, or even putting in a sunroom, there’s a lot to consider. You need to be aware of all the steps you should take to properly plan out your renovation project. To help you be better prepared, we gathered the top 5 home addition mistakes to avoid: 

Mistake #1 – Underestimating your home addition’s cost

Extending your home is a major project. You’ll need to take the time to cost out its entirety and allocate budget accordingly. Starting with proper planning – with the help of an architect or architectural technologist – you’ll already be headed in the right direction. Not only will you have to budget for their assistance, but also for the actual renovation process. Getting plans done can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $12,000. It all depends on how grand the project you have in mind is and what kind of professional you hire. The average cost for a plan done by a technologist is of $2,000 (based off past client projects).

To give you a better idea of what the costs of a home addition can be, a sunroom of 225 square feet, designed by an architect, can easily cost you over $40,000. Depending on the materials used, the price will surely go up. If you plan on extending your home by adding new rooms or adding another storey, your project’s cost can easily cost $100,000, and even easily be over $200,000. You can see why it’s important to properly estimate your home addition’s cost and budget accordingly. Improper budgeting is definitely a home addition mistake to avoid.

Mistake #2 – Not taking the time to visualize your project

Dreaming of a home addition can make us think of so many options without actually paying attention to the use we plan on truly making of the new space. For instance, if you simply want some additional living space, but live in an area that’s easily flooded, extending the basement might not be a wise choice (besides it being an incredibly challenging and expensive renovation process). The same goes for you if you plan on adding a mezzanine to your home and use that space as an office. You’ll need your ceiling height to be a minimum of 16 feet, and, if not well thought out, your mezzanine/office might not be as quiet and easy to get work done as you expected. 

If you’re looking to get inspired for your home addition project, take a look at our Reno-Inspiration home addition ideas page! 

Mistake #3 – Not considering rules and regulations

Every municipality has different rules and regulations. Before beginning anything, ensure that you are, in fact, permitted to extend your home. It’s possible that a lateral extension is permitted, but not a vertical extension (storey addition) – and vice versa. Once you’re sure you’re allowed to follow through with your home addition project, you’ll need to get the actual permits. Some cities charge according to the surface area your new living space will be taking up. 

Mistake #4 – Not being bold with your home addition project

This is certainly a home addition mistake to avoid. When undergoing this kind of renovation project, the look of your home is likely to change. It might even completely transform it. How you decide to go about it is what will make all the difference. Of course, you can opt to get exterior siding that is the same as your home’s current siding, or you can opt for something that complements it quite nicely. Most people tend to find materials that are modern and complement their home’s current look to have their home look trendy. You can surely discuss options with your technologist or architect, or even consult an exterior designer to ensure your home will be on trend. Your home addition project is a great opportunity to get creative in terms of shapes and materials. By being involved throughout the project and clearly stating your expectations, you’re to end up with wonderful results. 

Take a look at these before & after pics of this home addition project:

two-storey home covered in snow two-storey home in the spring with greenery out front

Mistake #5 – Taking on the project alone

Many homeowners choose a home addition over moving into a new home. They tend to do so because they see the advantages this kind of endeavour proposes because they love their certain home – not necessarily because it’s the easiest option. A home addition project is to be treated the same way a new house construction. Given that it is a consider renovation, it would be ideal to work on it with the help of professionals. A home extension might entail major modifications, such as relocating the entrance or changing your home’s room layout. That’s why the help of an architect, or even a structural engineer, can be crucial.

Start your home addition on the right foot

In any case, when taking on a home addition project, you should certainly hire a home addition contractor to get the job done right. Call us or fill out this form and one of the Renovation Advisors will gladly assist you in getting your home addition done right!

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