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Caroline Brault
Assistant Director - 360° Verification
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Experienced advisors who team up with you to win the of the clients

If you are among the best in your field of expertise and provide a high customer satisfaction rate, your growth with us might surprise you.

Only projects that fascinate you

By working on projects you are passionate about, you will be happier and make our customers happier. We believe that we can only give the best of ourselves when we do things we really love. As we know, we ourselves are passionate about renovations!

See some of the projects completed by our passionate contractors.

Residential and commercial projects

Many advantages

No registration fee, no risk. Only pay when you win a project

Compete with a maximum of 2 other 360° Verified Contractors of the same caliber as you

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A specialized department for commercial / industrial projects, in addition to the residential section

Our customers are reassured by the industry's best audit

Our customers are reassured by our recommendation by Protegez-Vous

Experienced advisors who can help you become even better

Your customers receive Air Miles reward miles

A dashboard to measure and compare your performance

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So far, we've helped customers to find the perfect contractors who have been verified at 360° for their project!

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Requirements to become a partner contractor

Our minimum requirements:

  • Hold a valid license if your specialty requires it
  • Satisfy our credit check
  • Hold a liability insurance
  • Be registered and up to date in the Ontario and/or Quebec business register
  • Be free from unresolved complaints filed with Consumer Protection Ontario (Ontario) or the Office de la Protection du Consommateur (Quebec)
  • Possess a clean judicial profile
  • Provide customer references