How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck in 2024 Montreal vs Toronto?

What does a deck cost? And what materials can I choose?

Few activities beat spending a summer evening on your balcony or terrace sipping a cool drink. Decks can also make for lovely outdoor offices. But you probably won’t enjoy yourself if all you see is a space in need of serious reno work. And not knowing where to start, what materials you need and what it will cost will stress you out even more.

Here is an average market price list of certain materials you can use for your next balcony renovation. The prices may vary depending on the quality of materials chosen and the difficulty level for having it installed, along with other factors.

Deck material Average deck cost (incl. labour)


Average deck cost (incl. labour)


Fiberglass $20 to $25/ sq.ft. (without base structure)
$36 to $48/ sq.ft. (with structure)
$25 to $30/ sq.ft. (without base structure)
$43 to $66/ sq.ft. (with structure)
Treated wood $48 to $60/ sq.ft. $60 to $72/ sq.ft.
Cedar $60 to $72/ sq.ft. $66 to $79/ sq.ft.
Roasted wood $60 to $72/ sq.ft $72 to $102/ sq.ft
Composite wood $72 to $84/ sq.ft. $90 to $102/ sq.ft.
Concrete $72 to $84/ sq.ft. $90 to $102/ sq.ft.

Consequences of COVID-19 on the construction and renovation sectors

* Many factors can influence the total cost of renovations, including, but not limited to, the type of work to be done, the area of the city, the type of building, the required labor, the needed materials, the protective measures, the length of the project (faster=higher cost) and contingencies.

Keep in mind that certain unforeseen events due to COVID-19 may affect the cost of renovation projects without notice. For example, the industry has come across a treated lumber shortage since the first lockdown, resulting in a massive fluctuation of prices. Other construction materials are likely to experience similar issues. For more details, read our article: Rising Lumber Prices: Another COVID-19 Effect?

Fiberglass deck cost

Fiberglass balconies have recently become more popular for their relative lightness and durability. It holds up well against ice, fire, corrosion, solar rays and is virtually impermeable. You can easily create storage underneath your balcony, deck or terrace as the fiberglass will keep your stuff safe and dry. This material lasts a long time and is very easy to clean: simply wipe it down from time to time with some soap and water and you’re good to go! It comes in many colours, and even as imitated wood.

Fiberglass’s only two negatives are that it can get slippery when it gets wet and it gets uncomfortably hot in the sun. That’s why we’d recommend a lighter shade for your balcony if you choose fiberglass.

white fiber glass

The cost of a wooden deck

Wood is a great ecological option and is also quite affordable. It can last between 10 and 50 years depending on the type of wood you choose. If you take care of your balcony, then it can last even longer. Several types of wood can be used to make a balcony and each one comes with their own set of pros and cons.

Treated wood: This is the most commonly chosen type of wood because of its affordability. Maintenance can be a bit expensive, however, because it needs to be re-treated every three years. Its price, including structure and installation, comes out to an average of $48 per square foot.

Cedar: This wood is popular because of its natural allure and beautiful colour. It needs to be treated well to retain its look over time. Careful maintenance of this wood is necessary to keep it from turning brown from exposure to bad weather. Price wise, it costs an average of $66 per square foot with the installation.

Roasted wood: The main selling point for this type of wood is that it contains no chemical agents. It’s oven roasted and is purely natural. How long it lasts depends on usage.

Composite wood deck

This eco-friendly type of balcony is made from compressed wood particles, recycled plastics and artificial polymers. It looks like real wood and is often more durable. It requires virtually no maintenance and often comes with a 25-year warranty. Unlike fiberglass, composite wood stays at a tolerable temperature in the sun, and it doesn’t get slippery in the rain or snow, which makes it excellent for pools or hot tub decks.

As for the cons, composite wood can be expensive. You’re looking at around $48 to $101 per square foot with the material, installation and custom structured base, depending on the type of composite you choose. Also, colour choices are fairly limited and the sun will probably lighten the material over time.


Concrete deck cost

This is a great choice for long-term durability, but it’s definitely less attractive – even with a paint job. Concrete offers a number of great pros like being skid-resistant and easy to keep clean, having a high UV resistance and no chance of discolouration, and being super resistant over time. It can be built in a day or so and can be used for terraces and stairs.

concrete patio

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