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Well maintained masonry is the most remarkable element of a building’s exterior. It can also increase your home (or building’s) value quite significantly. Whether you’re looking for top masonry contractors to redo your house’s siding, to lay brick or stone on a new home, get some bowing brick fixed, get your brick wall repointed, put in a decorative (or functional) wall, you’ll need to make sure you hire a qualified contractor. 

To help you better understand your needs, take a look at our masonry posts. You’ll find tips & tricks, costs, what needs to get done in certain situations and more! 

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Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

The Cost of Masonry Work in 2021 | Toronto vs Montreal

It can be hard to cost out masonry or brick work. With all the reasons for requiring masonry or bricklaying, the cost can be difficult to figure out. We’ve put together …

Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Replacing House Siding in 2021: How Much Does It Cost? | Montreal vs Toronto

2021 Exterior cladding prices If your home is showing its age, it may be time to renovate the exterior and start looking at your siding options. Calling on the expertise of …

Jonathan Lecault

by Jonathan Lecault Renovation Advisor| RenoAssistance

Bulging Brick: What is it & What to do

Bulging brick is a common masonry issue caused by water seeping through the mortar joints of a brick or stone wall. It happens when the infiltrated water swells – it’s essentially …

Maria Santamaria

by Maria Santamaria Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Top 6 Signs You Need Masonry Work Done

If your house, condo or commercial building has brick or stone walls, you’ll need a mason at some point. In Canada, where exposure to the elements can significantly damage the brick …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | RenoAssistance

Brick Repointing: All You Need to Know

When joints on a brick or stone wall begin to deteriorate, it’s time to get them repaired – ASAP! Yes, deteriorated joints make your home or building look neglected, but that’s …