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Up to 3 home renovators competing for your home renovation project!

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect contractor for a project. That's what we do for a living and our 360° Verified Contractors are there to assist you with several types of projects for your home or residential building (or even Commercial although you should go here for that). To find a home renovator, RenoAssistance is the benchmark you need. Here are some of the areas our contractors specialize in as part of a full-home renovation.

Kitchen Renovation

As part of your kitchen renovation, you will need to undertake crucial planning. This ensures that the end result matches your vision. This planning includes:

  • Considering your functional requirements – A kitchen design expert will help you! They'll plan out your accessories and space that will match your needs.
  • Contemplating your workspace — You will want to ensure you work with a designer to determine a layout. They'll make sure it's ideal for the utilization of the room.
  • Reviewing storage options – You likely have so many utensils, dishes, and perishables in your kitchen. Working with a cabinetmaker ensures they'll give you adequate space.
  • Selecting materials – With the expertise of a cabinetmaker, you can ensure the materials (e.g. for your cabinetry), are the best value for your budget. They'll give you the durability and look you're after.
  • Choosing the right flooring – An expert kitchen renovator will be able to suggest various options to match your needs. For example, ceramic tiles vs wooden floor.
  • Selecting your countertop materials – Whether you opt for an engineered or natural stone, butcher block or aluminium, working with a professional will ensure you get the style and utility you're looking for within a countertop.

For more details on our kitchen renovators or to receive free competing quotes for, simply submit your project online or consult our Kitchen Renovation page.

Bathroom Renovation

Finally decided it's time to renovate your bathroom or powder room? There are numerous options to consider. Should you go for a full turnkey bathroom renovation, starting with a complete demolition and changing the layout, or simply replacing the fixtures and tiles. Working with a bathroom remodelling expert will ensure you plan the new layout of the bathroom effectively. Elements such as lighting, plumbing, tiling, are given special consideration to ensure the work is performed efficiently. See the latest bathroom trends from one of our latest blog articles or visit Reno-Inspiration to get bathroom renovation ideas and examples with their associated price tags.

For more information about our 360° Verified bathroom renovators or to obtain up to three competing quotes for your new renovation project, visit our bathroom contractors page or simply submit your project online and an advisor will be in touch. All FREE and with no obligation.

Basement Renovation

When it's time to renovate a basement, there are several factors you should take into consideration. Would you like to simply finish the basement or rather start from scratch with a completely new dream basement design? Modernizing your basement may involve several stages with which we can accompany and guide you. To explore real completed basement renovation projects with their associated price tags, feel free to use our tool Reno Inspiration - Basement to help generate ideas for your dream basement.

In addition, we invite you to contact one of our Renovation Advisors. They can help you obtain estimates for the price of a basement finishing project, specific to your needs.

For more details on our basement finishing renovators, and to receive up to 3 free quotes for your basement renovation, simply fill out our contact form and we will start working on it for you.

Home Addition

Whether you have a growing family or simply desire more space but enjoy your current location, a home addition is often a great option to consider. Part of your options can include a lateral extension with a room addition, sunroom or solarium, or the addition of a partial or entire floor with a second storey addition. Structural changes will require specific expertise. They may also require the collaboration of a home addition contractor and a structural engineer and/or architect.

For more details or to receive comparative quotes for a home addition project, visit our Home Addition Contractors page or give us a call.

Roofing contractors

The roof is in many ways your most important protection against water infiltration and significantly contributes to the look and style of your home. Whether you need to redo your flat roof, metal roof or shingle roof, get the right price with our 360° verified roofers. Our roofing contractors are all certified, professional roofers who have been thoroughly vetted by our 360° Verification process. You only need to give us a call so we can send you up to 3 roofers who will compete for your roofing project and make it a success.

For more details on our roofing companies, or to receive a roofing quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Roofing Contractors page.

shingle roof

Brick mason

Do you have a masonry project you're looking to have done? Whether it's to rebuild a brick retaining wall, a new front porch, restore existing brickwork or stone masonry or any other residential masonry work, we have the specialist masons you can trust to carry out your project successfully. It's essential that you entrust your project to a contractor specializing in masonry. They have the skills and experience to perform impeccable long-lasting work.

For more details on our masonry contractors or to receive up to three competing quotes, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Masonry Contractors page.

masonry reno assistance

Heating and Air Conditioning

Does your air conditioning or heating system seem obsolete or constantly force you to readjust it? It may be time to consult a professional who can provide you with the new heating and air conditioning system best suited to your home and your needs. Whether you need a central heat pump, a wall-mounted air-conditioning unit, an air exchanger, an electric boiler, a heated floor, ventilation ducts or any other type of heating or air conditioning solution, we will assist you with your project! We will provide advice on any grants and tax credits to which you may be entitled!

To receive up to 3 quotes for your heating and air conditioning project, simply fill out our contact form, visit our heating and air conditioning contractors page or give one of our experts a call. 

French Drain

Prevent damage to your foundation and basement by replacing the drain when its lifetime is nearing completion. A non-functional drain may no longer be sending water that approaches your foundation to the pump in your home or to the city sewer. This will cause moisture retention on your foundation, create condensation inside your property, increase the risk of cracks and possibly result in water infiltration in your basement. The life of a French drain is typically about 25 years. Let us find you French drain experts verified at 360° to restore your French drain! They can also waterproof the foundation of your home with a waterproof membrane.

For more details on our French drain contractors or to receive a French drain quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our French Drain page.

French drain

Doors and Windows Installation

When it's time to open your home to the sun, make sure to choose a qualified contractor when selecting your doors and windows; but especially for installing them! The most effective window that would be improperly installed, could leave your home vulnerable to infiltration and heat loss. Whether you have PVC windows, aluminium windows, wooden windows, bay windows, PVC patio doors, aluminium patio doors, or aluminium entrance doors, we have the experts for doors and windows installation. With our doors and windows contractors, you will be provided with the best solutions for your home. This includes thermal and ENERGY STAR® doors and windows. We can also advise you on the specific grants and/or tax credits you may be entitled to.

For more details on our doors and windows contractors, or to receive a quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Windows and Doors page.

house windows and doors

Deck builder

Looking to build a deck, balcony, terrace, gallery or patio? Look no further! We have the deck contractors and balcony contractors you need. Our contractors can provide you with several style options for decks, balconies, and railings; some of which include treated wood, red cedar, Ipe wood, concrete (or concrete patio), composite (or composite balcony), aluminium balcony or a fibreglass balcony.

For more details about our balcony and deck contractors, or to receive a quote for your new balcony or deck, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Deck and Balcony page.

deck and balcony

Exterior cladding and siding

Whether your goal is an aesthetic change or weather protection, your exterior cladding and siding can help you prevent water infiltration, mold, and moisture. This is all while contributing to the style and appearance of your home. It's important to consult an expert in exterior cladding. They'll help you choose the best exterior cladding materials according to the needs of your home. Whether it's aluminium siding, vinyl siding, acrylic siding, CanExel® siding, fibre cement siding (James Hardie®), heat-treated (or "burned") wood siding or brick and stone siding, we have the exterior siding experts for you.

For more details on our exterior cladding contractors or to receive an exterior cladding and siding quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Exterior Cladding page.

exterior claddin exterior siding

Landscape architecture

When designing your dream outdoor area, there is an incredible number and variety of options to consider. The more options to consider, the more complicated your landscaping project may be to achieve. Hence, the importance of our service which gives you access to the best experts in landscaping. They'll ensure your dream landscape is completed exactly how you dreamed it. Whether it includes plain pavement, asphalt, poured (smooth) concrete, stamped concrete (concrete texture), decorative stones, retaining walls or sprinkler systems. The same landscape architects will be able to help you design and install a wooden fence. They can also do a PVC fence, aluminium fence, iron fence or a wire fence.

For more details on our landscaping contractors or to receive a landscaping quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Landscaping page.


Mold removal and disaster recovery renovations

Disaster situations are sometimes impossible to avoid and must be corrected before any further problems can arise. These situations can be skillfully handled by our 360° verified, qualified renovators who we have found for you. They possess extensive experience in disaster restoration and home renovations. Our renovation advisors will guide you through each step of the process! They'll help from the involvement of your insurance company all the way to choosing the right contractor. This is done in order to ensure that your disaster recovery project is a success.

For more information on our decontamination and mold removal experts, or to receive a decontamination or disaster restoration quote, simply fill out our contact form on the right or consult our Decontamination and Mold and Disaster Restoration pages.

Decontamination and mold removal

And much more...

Our specialized contractors are not limited to these types of work. These are only a few of a wide variety of project types our contractors are experienced in. So contact us via the form on the right or by phone to speak directly to a Renovation Advisor. They'll be able to guide you through the planning stages of your renovation project. Some other renovation projects that can be realized by our 360° Verified contractors include kitchens, bathrooms, home extensions, foundation work, house lifting, etc. We are confident in the skills and experience of our contractors. We'll even show you their 360° verification audit reports before you meet them. If a contractor can't take on all the requirements of your project themselves, we also have access to the services of architects, technologists, engineers and general contractors.

General Contractors in home renovations

Of course, in addition to the many different specialized contractors, we have a large bank of general contractors who will act as project managers on your home renovation and bring in their team of experts who work in several fields with their own specialties. These general contractors are the perfect professionals to manage your kitchen, bathroom, home extension, home improvement, etc.

Obtain quotes at a fair price for your home renovation

We will send you up to 3 contractors Verified 360°‎ for your home renovation. They'll be carefully selected based on your specific project's criteria. This helps ensure that you receive a quote at a fair price. Contractors competing on your project will have no choice but to be competitive in order to obtain your project.

Guidance of a renovation advisor throughout your project. No cost and no obligations!

Your RenoAssistance Renovation Advisor can recommend the right people to you. People who can carry out your home renovation or construction project at the best possible price. The ranking of our contractors is based on customer satisfaction. These contractors have a proven background of exemplary work and satisfied customers. Your advisor will also give you access to the 360° Verification reports for all your contractors.

Since 2010, our Renovation Advisors have thous1ands of home renovation projects under their belt. They can help with all stages of your project. So, call us or fill out our contact form to the right! An advisor can be assigned to your project. It's free and there's no obligation. Contact us now.

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