Support Local with Home Decor

Once renovations are completed, it’s time to decorate! That’s why we’ve put together some of the best Ontarian and Canadian brands that are as decorative as they are functional for your home. Why not make your home look great by supporting local? You’ll find kitchen items, children’s bedroom decor, office tools, bathroom decor and much more. Here’s what some local businesses and creators have to offer. 

Buy local for your kitchen needs

Your kitchen is probably the most used and visited room in your home. One might even consider it the central hub of their home.Typically, decor items are added to this space once kitchen renovations are completed. We’ve selected some great local products that are as functional as they are aesthetic. Many of our local brands are also environmentally conscious – which we love!

Local products for your kitchen decoration

  • Home is Toronto mug by Peace Collective
    Minimalist, functional and cute, this mug reminds one of home all while supporting local. It’s gender neutral and can blend into practically any decor. Have open concept shelving in your kitchen? It’ll look great on display there too!
  • 12-piece Copper Clad Cookware Set by Paderno
    Paderno is a Canadian brand that’s been around for over 40 years. The items they sell aren’t only functional, but gorgeous if put on display. These copper clad pots and pans are great if you have a space to hang your pots or even open shelving. Don’t have either? Doesn’t matter, your guests will be in awe every time you have them over. Plus, you’ll love being able to cook with such pretty cookware.
  • Shop Local produce bags
    All right, these aren’t exactly to be displayed in your kitchen. However, they are for you to use on grocery runs. These stylish and functional produce and grocery bags by Pot and Pantry are great for running errands.
  • Beeswax wraps by Nature Bee
    This Vancouver Island-born business has wonderful beeswax wraps to store and preserve food items. There are so many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a set you’ll love!
  • White speckled ceramic serving platter
    This handmade clay serving platter adds a unique and modern touch of ceramics to your kitchen. Each one crafted is sanded and glazed so you can make the most of it.

Decorative accessories for your living room

Here are some decorative accessories for your living room. Take a look at local decor items that will make you want to spend hours in this space.

Decorate your living room with local products

  • Tier Coffee Table by Umbra
    This simple, cool grey, coffee table is as cute as it is practical. Designed by Canadian company Umbra, it can be used in your living room as much as it can be used anywhere else in your home. It’s a great decorative table with extra storage space.
  • J&J Made custom upholstered items
    Whether it be to for a sofa, ottoman, bench, chair, etc., J&J Made has many custom upholstered items you can purchase to add a unique touch to your living room. This Toronto-based shop knows just how to add flair to any room.
  • Black and white map of Toronto by iLikeMaps
    In love with maps and travelling, Olivier Gratton-Gagné decided to combine both his passions by creating these wonderful posters. These simple and clean illustrations can look good in any contemporary setting.
  • Wall magazine Rack by KROFT
    This minimalist magazine rack was “designed for those who still love print” by providing them with a unique vertical storage solution. Available in White Oak or White Ash and detailed with a leather strap to hold items in place, this rack can hold more than just magazines. Why not display a succulent for a unique look too?
  • Handmade cushion by Fotofibre
    This gorgeous pillow by Fotofibre showcases Toronto’s breathtaking Brookfield Place.The company also makes personalized cushions on demand. You can turn some of your favourite photos into beautiful decorative pieces.

Local bathroom products you can use

A bathroom renovation wouldn’t be complete without some final touches (i.e. adding accessories). These local products will allow you to make the most of your space while completing your bathroom’s design.

local toronto product to buy to decorate your bathroom

  • Lavender essential oil incense for maximum relaxation
    This essential oil incense is the perfect addition to your bathroom. It’s designed to lift tension and instill calm with its lavender scent.
  • Soaking bath salts by Sunday’s Company Apothecary
    Sunday’s Company Apothecary, an Ontarian brand, has all you need for natural remedies – just like this soaking salt. Not only do their products soothe and calm, but also look great by the tub.
  • Ellingwood Soap Company’s Soy Candles
    There’s nothing better than soaking in a soothing bath with candles lit in the background. These hand-poured candles are also a cute accessory to add by the bath as well.
  • Crème de la Crème Light cream
    All of our grooming products can have a variety of different looks. So, why not get some cute ones that can be displayed too? This body cream is made of six Canadian botanical extracts so you can stay moisturized and smell great. Céla’s products look great on display – killing two birds with one stone.
  • Aroma Om Deluxe Stone Diffuser by Saje
    This trendy diffuser by Canadian brand Saje is perfect for your bathroom. It can be used as an air freshener, but also to replace candles in providing calming scents. You can pair this diffuser with some of theirsignature scents as well. Made to look like imitation stone, the Aroma Om Deluxe will add to the mix of materials in your bathroom. Talk about a great product for today’s bathroom trends.

Aesthetically pleasing laundry room items

The laundry room isn’t exactly one’s favourite room. It’s typically forgotten when decorating the house. But, why not add decor elements so your time in the laundry room is a little more pleasant? Here are some of Canadian brands that have functional yet aesthetic products.

Decorate your laundry room with local products

  • The Unscented Company’s laundry products
    Obsessed with trendy designs? Us too! We even like when our laundry detergents and other products are aesthetically pleasing. This Montreal brand is trendy and environmentally conscious. Their products are all natural and unscented (as their name insinuates) for those sensitive to added agents.
  • La Buanderie laundry poster
    It’s not always easy to find decorative items for a laundry room, but this vintage-looking French poster is gorgeous! And, if you speak French, it’s also informational. It provides you with a description for each of those laundry pictograms you typically end up Googling about.
  • Dried lavender bouquet by Terrebleu
    Sourced from an Ontarian farm, this dried lavender has dual purpose. It adds a pop of colour to your space while also making it smell great.
  • Labels from the Sassy Decals Co. Etsy Store
    A well organized space is key when it comes to interior design. It looks great and is functional.  We’re loving that this Etsy shop sells customizable labels we can use on our laundry room bins and bottles. Why not encourage a local shop by making your space more functional?
  • A handmade laundry bag by Canadian creator Cherry Tknit Co.
    This eco-friendly, cotton laundry bag is to die for. It’s useful whether it be to transport your dirty laundry from your room to the laundry room, or even on a campsite. Go ahead, provide this bag to your messy teenager so when they finally get their dirty laundry together, it’ll come packaged in a nice-looking bag!

Support local with these bedroom accessories

Finding ways to make your personal sanctuary a unique space like no other can be difficult. Luckily, these Canadian brands have made it a little easier for us!

Decorations for your bedroom that are made in Canada

  • Paradise print by Rachel Joanis
    Looking to add a pop colour to your bedroom? Why not do so by supporting local artists. Rachel Joanis Illustrations has many graphic prints on sturdy 100lb paper you can get framed.
  • Custom woodwork by Karcass
    Whether you want to add a bench, nightstand or any other wooden item to your room, we suggest checking out Karcass – Toronto furniture designers and makers. Each one of their pieces is unique, so anything you choose will be an original.
  • Pendant lighting by Anony
    This incredibly unique piece, designed by Canadian brand Anony, is a great addition to any space. Add flair to your space by creating a new take on architectural lighting.
  • Flannel Grey and Charcoal Bedding by Au Lit Fine Linens
    Simple, yet functional, this gorgeous bedding collection is a great addition to your space. There’s nothing better than great quality, locally designed bedding.

Local Home Office Accessories

It’s not always easy to stay focused and productive when working from home. That’s why creating a well thought out office space is important. Our handpicked local products are not only functional, but stylish.

Locally made decorations to organize your home office

  • Succulents for your desk by Plant Collective
    No matter your taste and design choice, Plant Collective, a Canadian-based plant shop, has unique succulent and potting duos. Don’t have a green thumb? You’re in luck. Succulents are quite easy to maintain!
  • The Sway Desk by Ergonofis
    As we all know, staying seated all day isn’t ideal for one’s health. Ergonofis, a Montreal brand, has therefore created beautifully crafted sit-stand desks to allow desk jockeys to be productive all while maintaining good health. The Sway Desk is made of locally sourced wood.
  • A framed laser cut wood cork map
    The Canadian Etsy shop All Ways Artwork has a beautifully designed world map that is made out of cork and metal. It can be used as a traditional cork board, to map out your future travel destinations, or simply as an art piece for your space. This item is as useful as it is aesthetic.
  • “Deluxe” stationary set by Baltic Club
    Baltic Club defines themselves as a brand that creates products to beautify one’s space and inspire their daily activities. They sell posters, planners, accessories and many other stationary items. This Deluxe set has all their products to help you stay organized, productive and focused.

Children’s room decoration and accessories

Our country is filled with highly talented creators and unique brands. Here are the items we think your kids will love.

Local products to decorate your a kid's bedroom

  • Personalized growth chart by GrowandCompany
    These growth charts can be personalized to your child’s bedroom style. They come in a variety of colours or stains, along with a vast selection of 3D designs to fit any child’s desires.
  • Natural baby powder by Anointment
    This Canadian-made all natural baby powder is great for the little ones and looks great on display by their changing tables. Anointment Natural Skin Care prides itself in providing products for natural living for all.
  • Cloud wall hangings by the high-end brand The Butter Flying
    Instead of putting up frames in your kids’ rooms, get these 3D wall hangings The Butter Flying offers. Their decorative items will provide texture and uniqueness to the space. All of their products are entirely made in Canada and made of recycled fabrics, which is great!
  • Custom metal name sign by Arctile Fabrication
    This Ontarian artist can personalize your child’s bedroom by creating custom metal name signs. Another great way to create a unique space for your kids.
  • A Minimalist Bed frame by Bash and Timber
    Structures like these ones are all the trend right now. They add dimension to your decor. These bed frames are handmade and sold by a local creator. Also, they can be adapted to any style because of their minimalist look.

BONUS: “Everything Will Be All Right” Movement

Born out of the current COVID-19 crisis, the now common expression “Everything will be all right” (or “Everything will be okay”) has turned into a worldwide movement representing hope and optimism. Its symbol? A rainbow. Why not include rainbow variations in your home’s decor? A subtle daily reminder to never give up hope.

Everything we be alright products made locally to decorate your home

  • Rainbow Banner
    This cute rainbow banner will brighten up any  room!
  • Swell Made Co.’s rainbow journal
    Swell Made Co.’s rainbow journal has a minimalist and monochromatic look, ideal for those that aren’t into colourful designs. The journal has a velvety finish and is hand-bound. This Ontarian company also sells a bunch of equally useful and stylish items.
  • Friendship rainbow decal by Oliver’s Labels
    Miss seeing your friends and family and want to hop on the rainbow-on-the-window bandwagon? Oliver’s Labels offers customizable decals you can easily apply to any surface. This rainbow one is fitting for our current situation!
  • Bow-Friend Pin
    Just bring the joy with you, everywhere! These rainbow pins are a nice addition to your look and everyone that will see it will feel as happy as you are wearing this cute accessory!
  • Poster “Everything Will Be Alright”
    Treat yourself with this uplifting poster, reminding you that everything will turn out great in the end!

Supporting local businesses

We hope that all these decorative accessories have encouraged you to support local businesses while adding the finishing touches to your newly renovated space. If you’d like to discover more local brands, the Quebec government has created the Panier Bleu initiative. It lists all of its local businesses so that Quebec residents can support their local economy. You can also hop on Esty and filter for local brands.

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