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Modernity is in the spotlight in this kitchen transformation

  • Category:Kitchen Renovation Ideas
  • City:Brossard
  • Year:2018
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:58927
  • Cost:$38,275
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Although the Orsini family’s old kitchen was still in good shape and functional, it no longer worked for their lifestyle and didn’t fulfill its full potential. Wanting a beautifully designed kitchen similar to one in a showroom, the homeowners contacted RenoAssistance to find the right kitchen contractor for their turnkey reno. They were ready to say goodbye to their old cupboards and 80s style tiling and trade them in for something more modern.

Various materials were chosen to keep the kitchen looking clean and simple. For the cupboards, they opted for white lacquered MDF which was paired with a quartz countertop from the Ceasar Stone Classico collection (in colour 9141- Ice Snow). The combination of both these elements has made the room look brighter. Other interesting elements were added to make cooking more convenient, such as: a drawer containing a garbage bin and a recycling bin, as well as a removable drawer on wheels that contains a retractable wooden cutting board. They’ve also opted for a cooktop with a retractable range hood so that the living room remains visible when not cooking.

As for the appliances, most of them were replaced to ensure the kitchen is completely redesigned. The kitchen’s lighting was also rethought: the homeowners added pot lighting throughout the kitchen, as well as suspended lighting over the eating area. The floor was tiled with grey marble-like ceramic to add a some style to the room and mark off the kitchen’s space.

The Verified Contractor brought the couple’s vision to life and ensured that everything ran smoothly from beginning to end. Respecting the Orsini’s budget, the contractor’s team took care of removing the old cabinets and countertop, demolish the pantry’s wall and install drywall after putting up the sliding door, remove the baseboards and replace them with new ones, reinstall new cabinets and tile the kitchen. Plumbing and electrical work were also taken care of.

The entire family is happy with their new kitchen and have unanimously confirmed that they spend a lot more time in their kitchen now.

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