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Common areas establish the personality of a building. They can inspire and engage owners, guests, and prospective buyers. The value of a condo or apartment can be directly tied to its common areas. Connect with our Commercial Account Managers to begin transforming your space.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I soundproof a common room?

Common rooms can be soundproofed by investing in materials that promote good acoustics, such as carpeted or cork floors, ceiling baffles, and sound-absorbing panels. Significant sound isolation, however, may require construction. Double wall systems and floating ceilings provide excellent sound isolation, while insulation, mass, and damping can all help absorb sound.

What should I consider when remodelling a common room?

There are a few things to consider when remodelling a common room in an apartment or condo building. Before making a decision, ask your tenants what they’d like to see. You may find that they want something specific, such as a comfortable lounge or a modern lobby. Next, consider acoustics – adjacent suites shouldn’t experience noise pollution. From there, balance functionality and aesthetics to create a warm, welcoming environment that serves its intended purpose well.

Does renovating common areas increase property value?

For condos and apartment buildings, renovating common areas can increase curb appeal and add property value. Lobbies in particular provide prospective buyers and renters with a first impression, giving them an idea of what awaits them inside. Owners looking to increase building value should consider investing in modern and more secure lobbies, bright and clean hallways, and welcoming amenities (e.g., lounges, exercise rooms).


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