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Commercial windows, shop fronts, shop windows and garage doors

Make your business bright, cheerful and inviting to your customers and employees by installing new large windows, new showcases or by refreshing the entire facade. This change will improve the aesthetics of your business. It can also help you save monthly in heating and cooling costs if your business has its own structure and is not part of a shopping mall, for example.

The face of your business

Every day your business is subject to important selection criteria. The first impression one has of a person or of a store, at first glance, can influence the way they view the business indefinitely. There is evidence to suggest that an up-to-date commercial facade with a unique, out of the ordinary and inviting design can attract larger crowds and more of the type of clientele you seek. Since many styles can apply to your trade or industry, you only need to target your needs and turn to the right architect. At RenoAssistance, we have already found and verified the best commercial architects in Ontario and Quebec! We will refer them to you free of charge so that you can ensure your new facade is completed according to plan.

How can you improve your shop front? It's simple! You can improve all of it. A change to the facade does not just imply a simple change of showcases. You can change the exterior cladding, the brick, enlarge the windows, enlarge the structure, add ornaments, change the entry, define new materials and colours, etc. Plans are available for all budgets and to meet all goals!

store windows design

Shop window

If your commercial facade already meets the majority of your needs and you simply need to think about changing your shop windows or an expansion of your shop, you are in the right place! For a shop window replacement, a specialized shop window contractor will be able to take care of the project. If you want to enlarge the size of your windows, you will have to modify the exterior walls which are the load-bearers of your building. Therefore, you will need the assistance of a structural engineer, which we can refer to you. We are partnered with several engineering firms with whom we have worked on multiple commercial projects. They will be able to give you sound recommendations and concise plans. This way contractors competing for your project can all bid on the same work.

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Commercial Garage Doors

For warehouses and industrial buildings, we have the right contractors to build or change your garage doors. Our contractors can support several types of doors. Whether it is tilting, sectional, rolling, or folding doors, all doors are open to you! Changing your commercial doors can not only improve the visual side of your building. It can also save you in heating and cooling costs with better thermal insulation versus some old badly insulated models.

commercial garage doors

Don't throw your money out the window! Save by renovating.

There are four main reasons why companies replace the doors and windows of their buildings:

  • High energy bills: time and wear & tear interfere with doors and windows, resulting in loss of insulation value;
  • Infiltration of water and air: cracks due to ageing and repairs involving mold and/or damage to your building structure;
  • Malfunction: commercial doors and windows that don't work well can harm your corporate image and slow the work efficiency, not to mention affecting security;
  • Outdated look: if your building appears poorly maintained, you will not attract the ideal customers or employees who would be best suited to your business.

boutique design

1. High energy bills

Whether it be your windows, showcases, facade or structural insulation, these elements are all vulnerable to temperature variations. In winter, they may allow the cold to pass through and, thus, cause an increase in heating to compensate. Whereas in the summer, it is the opposite and this time it's the air conditioning that costs you a fortune. Unfortunately, over time, the insulation of your building is affected and becomes increasingly fragile. New technologies allow contractors to access new materials that are much more efficient. A change of windows, showcases, insulation or a complete facade will save you significantly on air conditioning and heating costs each month.

2. Water infiltration

After a water infiltration by a window or a showcase, it's clear that an insulation problem is present and this must be corrected as soon as possible. If water flows into the interior, it is possible that it also slips between the outer and inner lining, and into your structure. This will have the long-term effect of creating mold. You must act as soon as possible after an infiltration to correct the problem. Do this before it gets out of control and significantly more costly to remedy.

3. Incorrect operation

If you are experiencing malfunctions or breakages or are no longer experiencing the quality you expect with your doors, windows and showcases, a fresh update will enhance the value of your building while increasing the functionality and efficiency at the same time.

4. Outdated appearance

Replacing doors and windows can give a new look to old commercial and industrial buildings. It increases their attractiveness and value. If you are looking for a complete enhancement to get the best result, it's a facade change you'll need! As mentioned above, this type of modification is the most expensive, however, it brings a new touch of freshness to your business and positive results can only follow suit.

Finding the right contractors is easy with RenoAssistance!

Whether you are looking for commercial or industrial doors, windows, garage doors or even revolving doors, you will need a high-quality product that looks good and works well. This is why you should start your renovation work with an experienced contractor in this field. An experienced contractor will help you make the right choice of materials and install them correctly, saving you time and money.

RenoAssistance can help you find the best-certified contractors perfectly suited to your project. Your commercial renovation is in good hands with our network of 360° Verified contractors. You can be sure they are the best for your project. We only refer you contractors who meet our strict criteria including impeccable past references. One of our commercial renovation advisors will review your project with you and send you up to three 360° Verified contractors to provide competing quotes for your project. Subsequently, you and your advisor will evaluate the estimates together so that you can make an informed choice. Our service is free of charge and with no obligation!

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Our Verified Contractors specialize in turnkey renovations and major repairs over $4,000. If your project meets these criteria, I would love to help.

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